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nickNick Loizzi

After earning his undergraduate degree from DePaul University, Nick studied law at the John Marshall Law School. “I learned to love the law. In my mind the law is at the forefront of the movement to preserve people’s rights.  If not for the law, big business, individually and through its billion dollar insurance companies would trample the average citizen. The law levels the playing field.  In a courtroom, no one party is mightier than the other. A jury of our peers listens to the facts and assigns responsibility. You can’t get that anywhere else in the world. We are the only nation that allows jury trials for people who have been injured as a consequence of another’s negligence.”

Nick opened his own office so that he could work and help his own clients. “I worked for other firms and helped their clients, but I felt that there was more than just winning a case. I wanted the relationships to be personal and to follow my clients through the years. I didn’t want the relationship to end once the case was over, I wanted to represent them again in future matters.”

“I keep in contact with all my clients, whether it’s a quarterly newsletter or a Christmas card. Clients always know where I am, what I am doing and where to contact me.  I have maintained relationships with clients since 1996, when I first opened my firm.”


shaunaShauna Reitz

Ms. Reitz grew up in St. Louis and attended undergraduate and law school at Valparaiso University in Indiana. After graduation she practiced in litigation for over 13 years and became a partner in charge of a litigation team trying over 40 jury cases to verdict. Her primary responsibility was defending civil lawsuits on behalf of insurance companies.

She joined the Loizzi Law Offices in 2002 to focus on plaintiff’s cases. Her extensive background on the “other side” of the lawsuit has given her insights into navigating the process. “Generating a good offense by knowing which defense to anticipate is key.”


sueSusan Martin

Susan is our legal assistant at the office. Her ability to communicate information effectively, her writing and computer skills and, above all, her adherence to strict confidentiality strengthen our client relationships. Susan is also fluent in Spanish.

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